Honored Heroes Banner Program

Who Can Participate

To qualify, honorees must meet the Following requirements:
Active duty member of the United States Armed Forces  
Veteran of the US Armed Forces having passed away in the past 18 months (Memorial Banner Program)
Current resident or past resident with family currently residing in Fountain Valley

How to Participate

Submit application to the FVCF and your banner will be placed with the next group of approved applications.


Thanks to the FVCF Banner Sponsorship Program, the cost of the banners is subsidized*.The life subsidy will remain in effect for as long as the foundation continues to receive contributions offsetting program expenditures.
*Specific locations which need new hardware will cost $100

If you are interested in a banner please contact Samanatha; 714-593-8611 ext. 272, Samantha.Esquivel@fountainvalley.org
or Rob Frizzelle at Rob.Frizzelle@FountainValley.org.


ew!! - Veterans Banner Program

Apply online now: Veterans Program Registration

Apply Now!

Apply online now: 2020 Honored Hero Banner Registration
Print and complete banner application below.
Gregg Horibe Banner

Honored Heroes Banner Application 2020